VenturOx Air Injection

The VenturOx Systems use no chemicals. It uses the water flow from your well pump to draw air from the atmosphere. The air oxidizes the sulfur gas and changes its structure so it can be caught by the backwashing media filter. This system is great for people who do not want to inject chemicals or endure the cost of buying them. The VenturOx System will handle up to 7.0 ppm of sulfur.

Peroxide Injection

Peroxide Injection Systems use 7% Hydrogen Peroxide to oxidize the sulfur gas so it can be caught by the backwashing media filter. This system has been an industry standard in the water conditioning industry for the last 10 years. Peroxide works great as an oxidizer because of its high oxygen content and the fact that it does not clog the injectors or leave hard deposits in the plumbing. The Peroxide Injection System can handle up to 20.0 ppm of sulfur.

VenturOx/Peroxide Combo

The VenturOx Peroxide Injection Combo utilizes both forms of injection to maximize oxidation of sulfur. Just as its name suggests, it uses air from the atmosphere as well as peroxide injection. This system also utilizes two 80 gallon retention tanks for maximum mixing and hold time. The VenturOx Peroxide Combo can handle up to 45 ppm of sulfur.

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