Affordable Well and Pond Service is licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to sell and apply aquatic herbicides. We can identify nuisance plants and algae, then recommend a treatment plan to eradicate them. We stock most common aquatic herbicides on our service vehicles. In the event that we do not stock the chemical you need, the initial pond analysis will be included in the treatment plan. Most submerged plants require multiple applications. Each visit will be included in the treatment plan also.

The pond industry has taken a positive step in the last 8-10 years in the way that ponds and their cycles are handled. We’ve begun to understand that repeated chemical treatments only continue to add nutrients for future growth. When nothing is done to speed up the decomposition of any dead or dying organic matter, then nutrients will continue to build up in the pond bed. With proper aeration and a quality microbial program, we can slowly eliminate your need for chemicals altogether.

Water management made easy, Orb-3 Professional
Enzymes & Bacteria are the total solution

Orb-3 Professional Enzymes & Bacteria include active enzymes with a well-suited blend of lake and pond bacteria strains which provide the benefits of liquid and dry products in one. This ultra-concentrated combination product stimulates thousands of natural, biochemical reactions to take place at an accelerated pace enabling bacteria to consume organics faster than they can settle.

Professional Pellets give you the power to patrol muck and sludge buildup 24/7

Orb-3 Professional Pellets were designed for lagoons, lakes and ponds as a low-maintenance solution for sludge bed and solids removal, for improved water
clarity and beach clean-up. These pellets are fortified with specialized bacterial strains that are high volume waste consumers of muck and organic matter. The pellet itself was specially designed to drive the active ingredients down to the sludge so the dose is not immediately consumed by the water column.

 Rejuvenate your lake with Orb-3 Professional Lake & Pond’s restorative trace minerals

Orb-3 Professional Trace Mineral Organic Catalyst (TMOC) consists of virgin additives that are designed to naturally fill in what is missing in a water body.
This invaluable blend comes from nature and has over 80 micro nutrients, minerals, trace elements and a potent natural catalyst to accelerate and enhance an otherwise average water body. By incorporating Orb-3 Professional TMOC into
your water treatment program, you can achieve visible results quickly.

  Watch our pond specialist, Steve Naus install a DAS Bottom Aerator and an Orb-3 Bottom Injection System

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